Time stretching problems

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Time stretching problems

Post by sixstorm1 » Fri Jan 14, 2022 2:29 pm


Mixcraft is unable to time stretch songs correctly. Mixcraft has problems rendering low frequencies when time stretching a clip up or down. This problem is observable even with a 1 BPM change. It makes Mixcraft unusable professionally when any kind of time stretching or BMP change is involved. This is basic audio manipulation, it has to be fixed. Software like FL, Ableton, Audition, RekordBox, Traktor, etc can handle time stretching and BPM change perfectly with practically no audio artifcats.

I have attached 3 MP3 files of the same song at different BPM rendered with MixCraft to demonstrate this problem. You can clearly hear how the bass kicks become intermittently choppy when time stretch is used, especially the one with a 92% time stretch.

Thank you
Test Sound - Time Stretched 96%.mp3
(571.51 KiB) Downloaded 25 times
Test Sound - Time Stretched 92%.mp3
(500.08 KiB) Downloaded 28 times
Test Sound - Original Tempo.mp3
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