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Mixcraft Tutorial Videos and Mini-Tips!

Post by Acoustica Greg » Tue Aug 28, 2012 2:23 pm

Mixcraft 9 Tips

Mixcraft University 101.

Mixcraft University 202.

Mixcraft University 303.

Mixcraft University: Using the Acoustica Vocoder.

Mixcraft 8 Tips

Mixcraft University video tutorials.

Mixcraft 8 Tips user forum topic.

Performance Panel - A New Way To Compose Songs.

Zeroes and Ones Mixcraft Blog

Mixcraft 7 Studio Tips

Applying Reverb - Techniques for Guitar, Vocal, Drums and Piano.

Hardware Compressor Simulation With Mixcraft!.

Mixcraft 7 Tutorials

Mixcraft 7 University video tutorials.

Mixcraft 7 Mini-Tips

Mixcraft 7 - How To Build A Beat - fast!

Clip Splitting Shortcut in Mixcraft 7 New!

Copying clips between Mixcraft Projects

And don't forget to check out our Tips and Tricks forum.

Mixcraft 6 Tutorials

Mixcraft University: Recording Audio Tracks

Mixcraft University: Recording Modes and Lanes

Mixcraft University: Punch and Loop Recording

Mixcraft University: Using Loops

Mixcraft University: Virtual Instrument Tracks

Mixcraft University: MIDI Editing with Virtual Instruments

Mixcraft University: How to Use Effects

Mixcraft University: Mixing

Mixcraft University: Automation

Mixcraft University: Control Surfaces (Part 1)

Mixcraft University: Control Surfaces (Part 2)

Mixcraft 6 Mini-Tips

Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 plugins overview and demo

Jon Lord Organ Tone

Adding and Removing Time In Mixcraft 6

Installing Third Party VST Effects For Use With Mixcraft

How To Remove Noise From Your Recordings

Recording Multiple Tracks At Once

Using Effects on Only Part of a Track

Using an External Audio Editor with Mixcraft

Using Acoustica Studio Drums

Switching Audio Drivers

Beat Sync Images and Video

Mixcraft Effects - Acoustica Chorus

Mixcraft Effects - Acoustica Compressor

Mixcraft Effects - Acoustica Delay

Mixcraft Effects - Acoustica Distortion

Mixcraft Effects - Acoustica Flanger

Sharing Projects Between Computers

Mixcraft Effects - Acoustica EQ

Mixcraft Effects - Acoustica Reverb

How To Import Your Own Loops

How To Create Your Own Karaoke Videos

Track Types Overview

How to Make a Dubstep Bass

SubMix Tracks

Optimize Your Computer For Use With Mixcraft

Mixcraft Pro Studio Mini Tip - Using A Parametric Equalizer

Recording Rock Guitar with Shred Amp Simulator

Getting The Optimal Waveform

Using A Spectrum Analyzer

Mixcraft 5 videos can still be helpful for Mixcraft 6 users, and of course, Mixcraft 5 users:

Mixcraft 5 Tutorials.

Mixcraft Mini-Tips

Mixcraft Studio Tips

These two Mixcraft 4 tutorials can really help if you're trying to use beat matching with any version of Mixcraft:

Creating Mash-Ups, Re-Mixes and DJ Mixes: Part 1

Creating Mash-Ups, Re-Mixes and DJ Mixes: Part 2

There are more great tips and how-tos on Zeroes and Ones, our Mixcraft blog!

Zeroes and Ones

Links for hardware, software and other resources:
Mixcraft Resource Links