The Mixcraft Import Function

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The Mixcraft Import Function

Post by dystonal » Mon Aug 11, 2014 8:00 pm

I'm a very new user of Mixcraft and already loving what I'm able to do with the provided samples. I thought to import some of my own samples but the results were not as useful as I had hoped.

For the vast majority of a GB or so of loops, Mixcraft used the domain name of the producer as the name of the loop when the filename provides a much more descriptive name. In principle that descriptively formed filename is available using the File Source or File Location fields. But, in my case. the relatively long path name makes use of these fields quite cumbersome. I had hoped, rather speculatively, that one of the fields would contain the file name and the other would contain the path. However, it seems to me that the both fields were loaded with the same value, that of the complete path.

Of course, I could relocate the files on my hard drive. But life becomes somewhat awkward when software applications determine the locations of files. Having nevertheless given this arrangement a try I found that it didn't work well because the samples are organized into folders containing folders. So even if I move the collection to the root directory of a drive, the path names of individual samples tend to be long and unwieldy.

My question, of course, is how one can best make use of the import function. But I wonder in particular whether there may be ways to exercise more control over the process so that the fields of imported records have the most useful values possible.

Thanks for any related thoughts!


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Re: The Mixcraft Import Function

Post by gypsy101 » Tue Aug 12, 2014 12:27 am

you can't just go to the original location & rename each sample you want to use?
just left click to highlight then right click & choose rename.

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Re: The Mixcraft Import Function

Post by Vibrant Audio » Tue Aug 12, 2014 6:20 am

I agree that the filename of the loop would be the most appropriate name to use, or maybe have that option in a column? Sounds like a feature request. :D

Anyway, what's happening is that Mixcraft is using the "Title" field in the files tags to populate that name in the loop library. If there's nothing in that field in the file, Mixcraft does use the file name.

You can right-click in the library and choose "Edit" to actually change names in your loop library. Not fun with a lot of loops.

Here's a video on importing loops that may be helpful:
*Vibrant Audio*

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