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Post by kieferin » Sat Apr 28, 2007 3:37 am

I just downloaded the newest version of MIXCRAFT V2.51
Sorry but I have to be honest about this one......I am too impatient and believe me I have tried to work this one out-but now its time to ask you all for some basic advice..IN BASIC LANGUAGE AS I AM A DUMMY
I have a collection of 80 songs which I want to blend into each other : I want to "Blend" the first 10 seconds from the coming song into the last 10 secs from the previous song, so that 80 songs become one very...very...very long song !
I have tried to overlap the last few seconds but I does not seem to work so ...HHHHEEEELLLLPPP PLEASE!!
And can I beg another piece of advice, when I manage to fade the tracks into each other - Is there a way that I can listen to the song surrounding the crossover parts without having to listen to the whole song from the begining ?
Many thanks

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