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Control Surfaces

Post by jddrock » Thu Nov 26, 2015 12:13 pm

Hey there! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!
So, I am considering updating from MC 6 Pro Studio to MC7 Pro Studio(especailly with the sale going on right now!) and was wondering what control surface works best with MC7??? I would be using it for mixing primarily, but live functionality would come in handy as I use MC for my midi keys rig at church. The feauturs I would like it to have would be a good number of faders to control several tracks at once(instead of using one fader at a time for a given track and having to switch channels before using a fader for that track), lots of buttons assigned to do several things inside MC so I won't need the mouse for everything, 3 band EQ control knobs and a panning knob(or slider?) for each channel would be great(an extra knob for send levels would be a great bonus, but not necessary).... basically what I'm asking is what is the best control surface for mixing in MC7 for the money??? Nothing really expensive please. Thanks in advance! Any suggestions????

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Re: Control Surfaces

Post by Rolling Estonian » Thu Nov 26, 2015 8:36 pm


It really depends on your budget, and with the features you want it's getting into high end territory.

I've been eyeing this one: ... _i=desktop
It's not elaborate or pricey but I think it could be a good addition. I currently use the Korg Nanokontrol2 and love it but am seeing that I may need a bit more.

If you just search Amazon for control surfaces, you'll find a bunch out there. I've found that the lower end are less than $200 and the nicer, simple ones go for $3-400 and the nice, not simple ones are more. The Mackie is probably the best one for what you're asking for, and there's a MC demo video for it, but it's $1k+ ... ol+surface


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