Nearly had a big BOO BOO!!Hi, I Need a suggestion for SYSTEM BACKUP

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Re: Nearly had a big BOO BOO!!Hi, I Need a suggestion for SYSTEM BACKUP

Post by msnickybee » Wed Aug 03, 2016 4:02 am

JohnS wrote:Both used the recovery and no problems. Use usb hard drive for backups and make sure to make a recovery Disc In case of not rebooting. :D
No need to pay for System backup programs.
I have to agree with this.
System backup programs hark back to the old school.
If you located your VSTs, all song data, all your data really outside of system folders, eg. a separate D: drive or partition, you can use eg "freefilesync" to backup.
I backup D:\VST and D:\Mixcraft to my NAS using this, and have a recovery disk (tbh when my Win10 got corrupted I built a recovery USB from another computer anyway)
So, if the whole computer exploded, I'd reinstall windows, reinstall apps/programs, restore my mixcraft folder. I'd lose any settings made to VSTs possibly. That's it.
Mark Bliss wrote:At least they got something right.
I have to say so far I am NOT liking W10 much at all. I want W7 back!
Windows 10 is ace! ;-)
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Re: Nearly had a big BOO BOO!!Hi, I Need a suggestion for SYSTEM BACKUP

Post by Mark Bliss » Wed Aug 03, 2016 9:59 am

I'd have to admit, familiarity and aversion to change is probably the biggest source of problems for me. You know, all the things that get moved, renamed, look different, etc.
But some of the changes just grate at me. "improvements" to things that didn't need changing, and some of the ways Microsoft tried to anticipate how I use the program, or decides about things I want to access that they decide should be hidden, or all those damned little settings that need to be changed because the defaults are idiotic.......

Its just a new computer rant. I tend to cling to things far past their freshness date and when that familiarity is lost, I get frustrated.
My wife is laughing at this old fart.......... :wink:
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