Latency issues from Electronic Drum Kit

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Latency issues from Electronic Drum Kit

Post by drumandstage » Mon May 09, 2016 3:05 pm

I have corrected my latency issues within the PC/software and my guitar and bass playing syncs up real nicely with other tracks. I have EXdrummers pulled up in a virtual track and when I strike the keys of my USB keyboard Samson Carbon 61, the response is immediate. However, when I try to play using the electronic drums there is a substantial latency. I am quite certain it is the drum unit's fault.

A quick run down...

It is a KAT KT3 (maybe a step up from a ddrum kit, MAYBE) and the module cannot be updated. KAT is sending me a new module with a chip that CAN be updated, but it isn't here and I don't know if that will rectify the problem.

Also, the guy at KAT (DW Drums distributed them, now) told me that unless I was using 32 bits, I'd need to come out of the MIDI into an interface instead of the MIDI through USB option. In the case of the latency, I have done both with similar results. As a side note, a colleague informed me that bit information was irrelevant to sending information from the module to the computer and that the interface was unnecessary. I don't really need clarification on that at the moment, unless it related to correcting my issue.

Has anyone had a similar experience where a specific device was latent?

A quick work around for the night would be muting the drum signal in my headphone so that I am not hearing the latent sound, but if I mute the track, there is no data being recorded.

Thanks in advance for any tips given. You guys rock!
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