Aliasing/Crackle that driving me crazy !

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Aliasing/Crackle that driving me crazy !

Post by WhiRz » Thu Sep 29, 2016 5:20 am

Hi all !

I have a problem now that I can't find a solution.

I have a nasty aliasing on the low end of 2 of my tracks.

You can listen to one here : ... er/s-4i45t

The track is 32bits float, 48khz.

Buffer size : Pretty high for smooth mixing (1024).

I've tried a lot of things to delete it :

- My bass sound is 3 differents tracks. I've tried to mute every one of them and just letting one. Didn't change a thing.
- I have a parallel processing for bass : the Waves Rbass, I've tried to mute it. Still the same.
- I have bypass the processing on the bass (Waves NLS, a gate, a tape simulator, a comp). No change.
- I have bypass the master processing. And bypass the master processing + the bass processing. No change.
- I have tried to exporting it to 32 bitsfloat 44khz, 32bits 44khz and 48khz, 24 bits 44khz. Still no change.

My VST are Kontakt 5. Session Strings and Scarbee Vintage Electric Piano.

I'm running out of solution. And this nasty aliasing can't be heard when I'm playing my track in Mixcraft. It ONLY happens when I'm exporting it and playing it.

I've tried to read it through Windows Groove and MPC-HC (K-Lite Codec), still the same.

It happens once that the aliasing suddenly disappear and became two little nasty clicks on the track. It happens just one time. On just one track.
You can hear the two clicks at 0:13. And there are now in addition to the aliasing. That's ruining my track.
None of them can be heard in Mixcraft 7.

That's driving me nuts, if you have any idea :). Thank you all ?
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Re: Aliasing that's driving me crazy !

Post by JonInc » Thu Sep 29, 2016 6:30 am

Your Souncloud link is broken.
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Re: Aliasing that's driving me crazy !

Post by WhiRz » Thu Sep 29, 2016 6:32 am

Now it's good ?

Wow and now the aliasing has diseappear... Even on the track on my computer. But the clicks are still there.

I've exported another track when I disengaged the "Export the selection" to making it shorter. And on this one, the click aren't there... What the heck...
The aliasing seems to diseappear when i upload a track to Soundcloud. It even diseappear on my computer after that. That's ridiculously strange. Sorry for polluting the forum with that !

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Re: Aliasing that's driving me crazy !

Post by chibear » Thu Sep 29, 2016 10:34 am

It's irritating when that happens, I know. I have had issues similar to yours crop up at different times in Kontakt libraries and Omnisphere, most often when I have more than one instance of the same instrument open. Putting each instance on a separate MIDI channel seems to help a lot. Also for the clicks, check to see if a clip begins st that point. If so I have found it helpful to fade n the offending clip.
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Re: Aliasing that's driving me crazy !

Post by WhiRz » Sat Oct 01, 2016 9:15 am

Yes but I use to export the MIDI track to an audio track and mute the MIDI track. So the MIDI shouldn't create any problems...

I've made a new track. And now it's even worse ! More crackle. That's really driving me crazy as I've never experienced that before even when using Kontakt instruments... :(.

Now it crackle a lot, even more than a vinyle and in a bad a very obvious way...

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Re: Aliasing/Crackle that driving me crazy !

Post by WhiRz » Sat Oct 01, 2016 12:28 pm

I've found a solution for the crackles ! It's strange but it's due to Mixcraft.

I use to have a lot of crossfade between the differents part of a track. It's something that I really like with Mixcraft as it can let me create a smooth transition when it's needed.

But, I don't know why, now Mixcraft tend to understand 50% of the crossfade as crackle. A little bit as if the crossfade feature on Mixcraft didn't worked.
And it only happen during the export, not during the reading of the track on Mixcraft.

So I've took my problematic tracks, and I've deleted ALL the crossfades and replacing them with fade in / fade out. It was quite long, even for a 01:00 min track.

And now they totally disappear. No crackle at all. So probably my solution will help someone here.

As for the "aliasing". It seems that it came from my listening gear or something else. Because yesterday it desappear and today it came back !
It's strange.

My listening gear isn't fancy at all :

NI Komplete Audio 6 + Headphones. Simple...

If anyone has an idea.
The aliasing only happens on low frequencies and it's really nasty and present.

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