Loading / registering DB-33 plugin

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Re: Loading / registering DB-33 plugin

Post by mick » Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:55 am

The pedals are not so bad once you have developed the "memory" of foot position but for quite some time its a case of looking down to get the right one. Pedal notes can be improvised in a simple way by playing tonic and dominant of the left hand chord, so for C major its alternating C and G pedal and for G major its G and D pedal and so on. This method can also be adapted when writing chords in the piano roll.

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Re: Loading / registering DB-33 plugin

Post by Starship Krupa » Wed Jan 31, 2018 4:51 pm

Gee, virtual tonewheel explosion here!

I have an M3 here in my home studio, and am pretty picky about my organ emulations. I've been through half a dozen of the freebies and keep an eye out for new ones.

One of the things that made me jump right on that DB-33 that might seem odd is that it comes in 64-bit form.

For whatever reason, the freebie organ emulations seem to universally come out in 32-bit only, even the new ones. I am trying to release Mixcraft from the need to use its 32-bit VST wrapper, especially with VSTi's.

The organ sounds great, and the Leslie effect alone would be worth well more than the $10.

It seems to be tailored to my use case, which is studio recording rather than live performance. Mick is right about the tonal balance being away from the bass, but that is how I would tend to EQ a Hammond anyway, to keep it out of the bass guitar's way. Overt click is also good for finding a place in a mix.
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