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yamaha moxf and mixcraft

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 2:08 pm
by Jackbcjr
I am still on a quest to find out how I can use Mixcraft with my Yamaha moxf. Mixcraft will not recognize the audio interface which is the moxf. It works fine in Cubase with no external interface required, but I prefer Mixcraft. Is it likely that the addition of an external interface will enable recognition? If so, what would be the best one to get?

Re: yamaha moxf and mixcraft

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 2:27 pm
by Acoustica Greg

Try using it with Mixcraft again, and if it doesn't work, quit Mixcraft and send us your mixcraft-log.txt file.

To find the mixcraft-log file, highlight the following line and press Ctrl+C to copy it:

Code: Select all

Press the Windows Key+R to pop up the Run box in Windows. Click in the Run box and press Ctrl+V to paste in the line from above. Finally, click OK to go to the location of the mixcraft-log.txt file. Submit an Acoustica Support Request and attach the log file along with a brief description of the problem.


Re: yamaha moxf and mixcraft

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:13 am
by Jackbcjr
OK, some progress!! I have now selected ASIO driver, input device is moxf, playback device is moxf, and the ASIO Device is Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO. I can now select the moxf as an instrument and can show the moxf editor. However, I can only select one instrument on one channel on the editor. The default is piano, but if I try to select another instrument it remains piano. Any suggestions?

Re: yamaha moxf and mixcraft

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:04 am
by Acoustica Greg
I replied to your ticket.

Re: yamaha moxf and mixcraft

Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 9:33 am
by Jackbcjr
Still trying to use Mixcraft and Yamaha moxf together. The advice given has now allowed me to get as far as opening the moxf vst, and I can even record, but I can only play the instrument that is selected by default (full concert grand). I cannot change the instrument via the vst, only by selecting it from the moxf itself. When I use Cubase it takes some time for the data to be sent from moxf to Cubase. In Mixcraft the vst is instant, but no communication to change instruments. I am determined to return to Mixcraft as my daw, but very frustrated. Thanks for your indulgence and advice.

Re: yamaha moxf and mixcraft

Posted: Mon May 14, 2018 8:55 am
by Jackbcjr
I also have the moxf forum working on this, still to no avail. Here is my interaction with their moderator: When setting up to use the MOXF VST, two separate MIDI Ports are used. Port 1 is used to transfer MIDI messages that involve performing music with the MOXF, (note-ons, controller messages, tempo). Port 4 is used exclusively to communicate with the Editor (the graphic user interface).
The way the External VST integrates into the DAW is as follows:The MOXF is set to Local Control = Off so messages are sent Out via USB-MIDI to the DAW MIDI Track.The MIDI Track should be set to receive MIDI from the MOXF via Port 1. The MIDI Track’s MIDI Out is routed to “MOXF VST - MIDI In” (the Editor),In the Editor, go to FILE > VSTi SETUP. Here you set Port 1 as the MIDI Out Port for Port1. Set the Port 4 MIDI IN and the Port 4 MIDI OUT for Port 4
The MOXF VST (Editor) now has a path to send note-on, controllers and tempo to the MOXF hardware on Port 1; and send parameter change, Bank Select/Program Change messages, etc., etc (bi-directionally) to the graphic interface of the Editor on Port 4.
You must be using the “Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver” for this multi-port MIDI communication to be sorted out.
And you must be able to route the MIDI OUT of your MIDI Track to the “MOXF VST MIDI In” that is critical. The VST Editor is between the MIDI Track’s Out and the MOXF Tone Generator. This is bi-directional communication on Port 4, any changes in the hardware are reflected immediately in the software and vice versa.
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Thanks for your response. I tried setting the vst up as you described, but still get no reaction when attempting to change instruments. Local control=off, port 1 is midi out for port 1, port 4 for in and out for port 4. Still no response. I can only change the instrument from the moxf itself. I am getting a midi signal, and can even record on the track, but cannot change instruments.
Bad Mister Yamaha
The MIDI OUT for your Track must be routed to the MOXF VST's MIDI In
Where is the Out of your Track being sent? That is critical. When you play the keys of the hardware MOXF, the corresponding Part and the keys of the Editor will show what you are playing.
Remember Local Control is Off. A key press should arrive in your DAW at the MIDI In of your Track... the MIDI Out of that Track must feed the Editor VST... The Editor VST is setup to trigger both the hardware via Port 1, and the Editor via Port 4.
What is your MIDI Track Out set to?
I must mention I don't know this particular DAW perhaps it does not offer you a method to run the Editor inside the DAW environment.
We are assuming you can launch the MOXF Editor VST inside of the DAW (?)
Can you describe how you are setting up the MOXF VST inside this particular DAW?
Here is a brief video showing the steps and settings I have made in attempting to set up the moxf with Acoustica Mixcraft. The vst editor for moxf is launched from within the DAW. Even though there is no sound on the video I am selecting different instruments but only get the piano sound. I can record, but the instrument is always the default moxf piano unless I change it on the moxf. Here is a you tube video of what is happening: