Mixcraft Pro 8.1.413 Loses Connection to Vienna Ensemble Pro 6.1

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Brother Charles
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Mixcraft Pro 8.1.413 Loses Connection to Vienna Ensemble Pro 6.1

Post by Brother Charles » Sun May 06, 2018 7:10 pm

Hi. This is a bug that I can't seem to get logged into an official mix-log.txt file so I'm reporting it here. In all fairness, Samplitude Pro X3 will also lose VEP 6.1 connections. However Magix support is all but non-existent so I just enjoy Samplitude's other excellent, pro-grade features and regretfully omit VEP from my Sam X3 projects.

In my scenario, I'm hosting a single audio FX plugin within a LOCAL instance of Vienna Ensemble Pro Server 6.1 -- Waves Abbey Roads Plates. Waves ABR Plates is an awesome sounding reverb plug-in, but alas, it's very CPU intensive. VEP handles heavy plugins and virtual instruments much better than any DAW, except maybe Reaper.

I have the appropriate connections made within Mixcraft, and initially, VEP connections work well. Unfortunately, each time a song loops, or when I stop/restart playback, the connection won't remain active. All components say they're connected, but the VEP server stops receiving audio data from Mixcraft until I disconnect/reconnect the Vienna Ensemble Pro x64 connection. I'm using VST 2.x, not VST3.

While all of this is inconvenient, the biggest pain-in-the-noodle is that VEP connections are lost during mixdown. Cakewalk (X3 Producer, Sonar Platinum and Bandlab Cakewalk) never suffers from this. Studio One Pro 3.x, Ableton Live 9.75, Bitwig 1.35, and Tracktion Waveform 9.x each work perfectly with VEP for me. This appears to be a Mixcraft issue, not a VSL problem. It reminds me of when Mixcraft was the only DAW having trouble with newer IKM plugins (Thankfully, there's been a fix coded into build 413 that seems to remedy the problem).

For the record, I'm using 64 bit versions of both Mixcraft Pro Studio 8.1 (413) & Vienna Ensemble Pro 6.0.1 (16999). These are both the most recent builds of both applications (as of the time of this post).
Thanks & God Bless,
Bro. Charles
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Acoustica Greg
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Re: Mixcraft Pro 8.1.413 Loses Connection to Vienna Ensemble Pro 6.1

Post by Acoustica Greg » Mon May 07, 2018 12:01 pm


Have you tried mixing down to a wav file that has the same sample rate as the one you're using in Mixcraft's sound device preferences? If not, try that.

If that doesn't work, quit Mixcraft and send us your mixcraft-log.txt file.

To find the mixcraft-log file, highlight the following line and press Ctrl+C to copy it:

Code: Select all

Press the Windows Key+R to pop up the Run box in Windows. Click in the Run box and press Ctrl+V to paste in the line from above. Finally, click OK to go to the location of the mixcraft-log.txt file. Submit an Acoustica Support Request and attach the log file along with a brief description of the problem.

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