Just Starting Out w/Mixcraft 8. Some Basic Questions

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Re: Just Starting Out w/Mixcraft 8. Some Basic Questions

Post by Thomas » Thu May 31, 2018 12:37 pm

Mark Bliss wrote: I'd say use what you have and see how it works for your needs. I suspect working out settings and determining whether monitoring latency is acceptable for recording as desired will be the key issues.
That's what I'm planning on doing for now, Mark. Interestingly, I'm noticing USB output through the Mackie into a Mackie TH-12a powered monitor is VERY loud! I need to keep the setting very low, no where near unity. Also,trying to work out gain/loudness settings for the mic and bass to get the volume right.
rrichard63 wrote: The difference between a 90dB dynamic range and 105 or 110dB dynamic range would be material in a professional studio but is unlikely to be material to you at home. I'm willing to bet that the Mackie's mic preamps and analog-digital converters will be fine for quite a while.
I'm using the ASIO drivers from ASIO4all latest version. I've got nothing to compare with right now as to their fitness for the job. And if the onboard sound chip is bypassed by the ASIO/Mackie interface, then I wonder what the dynamic range would be with this setup.
fredfish wrote:
Hi Thomas - you are getting some great advice here (as usual on this website).
I sure am and certainly agree with that Fred!
fredfish wrote:
Just as a suggestion have a look at the website www.karaoke-version.co.uk - you can download hundreds of Karaoke tracks and if you go to the "Custom Backing Track" you can download each part separately (EG Bass, Drums, Vocals, Guitars etc) and therefore remix to your hearts content...If you want more info let me know.
Thanks for the suggestion Fred. I've seen that site and have it bookmarked and ready to go when I'm ready to do that.
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