Ear Buds For Mixing?

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Ear Buds For Mixing?

Post by TheHound » Tue Aug 07, 2018 9:12 pm

Since so many people listen with ear buds why not use them for mixing?

What about offering ear bud mixes and mixes for audiophiles?

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Re: Ear Buds For Mixing?

Post by chibear » Wed Aug 08, 2018 7:33 am

One of our OFC members (can't remember who: OFC :lol: ) uses "a box of earbuds" to check his mixes.

However that creates another problem. I usually check my mixes on an audiophile system, the car stereo, and the local senior's club sound system plus others as available. Problem is the mix never sounds great on all of them. The best mix on the audiophile system sounds kind of dull on the other 2. The best mix on the car radio sounds like crap on the audiophile system. The best mix on the club system sounds way out of balance on the audiophile system and boring on the car radio. I do my primary mixing on headphones (HD-280's so not that expensive) and none of of the test systems live up to those no matter how I tweek the mix.

You're going to encounter the same thing with earbuds: Do you mix for the $9.95 Wallmart specials or one of the Audeze monsters?

All that being said, delivering several mixes for appropriate systems is not a bad idea. Question is will the music distributers allow you the space for all that data?
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