One Year Later

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One Year Later

Post by Rski » Fri Nov 30, 2018 2:57 pm

Well I have been a happy Mixcraft for a good year so far, I been a faithful Sonarian user, since the late 90’s, the software went through several iterations, over a few decades. Of course the community went viral with the discontinuation of support of that DAW when Gibsons restructured the company to stay afloat in this ever competitive world.

Over the years I read web sites relating our interest, of course several major DAW developers are competing in this market place, somehow Mixcraft caught my attention awhile back, before Sonar Armageddon. Once I spotted a introduction offer, so I downloaded Mixcraft 8

My first impression once installed was how several of my 64 bit plug ins were already detected … cool . Plug in the drum pad, nice crisp response; I also notice the velocities seemed more responsive, especially when soft drumming is preferred, yep MIDI editing seemed different, but eventually I enjoyed the editing was I grasp the how to.

I have been impressed with the Mixcraft plugins, they work very well. Of course it taken a bit to organize my plug ins into groups, EQ. Compressors … Drums, Synths.
Once learned I was impressed, even more when a new plug in is installed, during boot, it is already scanned, drop it into your group, nice.

The audio is easy, the gain is really the straight line, which can be easily tailored to suit, and I usually do a count in with whatever instrument, is the foundation track, and then silence it later. The take lanes are a snap, nice an easy to grasp

The soft synth drums generate virtual channels, once I got hold of them what a thrill during mixing. Kontact app assigning is a clunker, the app not DAW.

Last but not least is the sound engine; I watched a Youtube presentation on the difference DAW once tracks are summed together, the difference could be heard, in terms of presence and detail. I favor Mixcraft, it rocks.

My only wish is that it could import OMF files, and then I could import data from Sonar to Mix craft. I learnt this concept with other friends migrating to Pro Tools :) :)

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Re: One Year Later

Post by sjoens » Fri Nov 30, 2018 9:46 pm

Hi Rski, thanks for sharing. Can you point me to that video comparison? Sounds interesting.
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Re: One Year Later

Post by begals » Sat Dec 01, 2018 12:40 am

Glad to see it's still just as useful to you, sometimes I wonder if there's something overly simple or limited about mixcraft since it's support in terms of hardware is pretty low, but it's a very capable DAW to be sure.. I just think not the most popular, so hardware manufacturers have little incentive to make stuff to spec, and it seems like the Acoustica people aren't huge on supporting all the different control protocols.. Wish they were TBH, but otherwise I'm with you, there's lots I like about it.

Thanks for the opinion / insight.

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