Can I do this MIDI-special routing-Mixcraft pro 9

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Can I do this MIDI-special routing-Mixcraft pro 9

Post by dathyr1 » Thu Jan 30, 2020 10:03 pm


Doing a special Midi control:
I have two products I am trying to interface with
1. Our Mixcraft pro 9 DAW
2. Chordie - a midi chord/note displayer app- it is a stand alone app- not a VST
3. Also trying to use Loopbe1 app as a passthrough midi router to have them talk/interface to each other.

So far I have no success getting them to both work together. By themselves, Chordie and Mixcraft 9 work just fine with my Midi keyboard devices cause they are both midi in programs by looking at the preferences of both apps.

I cant seem to find the correct way to have Mixcraft 9 output or passthrough midi wise to the Chordie app to show chords while I also do tracks in Mixcraft. Chordie is an input only midi app looking at midi preferences.

Loopbe1 app does show up in both Mixcraft 9 and Chordie as an option to use, but cant get any midi to pass through loopbe1.

So My question - is this possible to do what I am attempting to try midi wise with Mixcraft 9 and to talk to a stand alone Chordie app?
If it can be done, how do I setup/perform this special midi routing.

thank you,

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Re: Can I do this MIDI-special routing-Mixcraft pro 9

Post by Acoustica Greg » Fri Jan 31, 2020 10:26 am


I've done this before with Jam Origin Guitar MIDI and it worked. Does Chordie have a way to set Loopbe as its MIDI input?

On the Mixcraft side, you'd change the virtual instrument to External MIDI Device, and choose Loopbe as the device.

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Re: Can I do this MIDI-special routing-Mixcraft pro 9

Post by dathyr1 » Fri Jan 31, 2020 1:21 pm

Yes Greg Chordie does have loopbe1 as a midi in select and I had that selected just for loopbe1. Not sure if Chordie can be selected for a particular midi channel or if it monitors all channels(I will chack that out- I have 2 keyboards on different channels). I just got this app a couple of days ago and liked the features it has. I also have a 2nd similar midi chord app called midiculous Pro from a gospel group- havent tried that one.

I will have to try that again, seems when I did loopbe1 as external instrument in Mixcraft and selected send midi information check box, loopbe1 caused feedback and then loopbe1 muted itself disabled. I think I had everything selected to midi channel 1. With no boxes checked in External instrument loopbe1, I see no data going through loopbe1.

I saw another older related post here explaining what he did. Dont know if I have do different midi channels or not? And how that works.

I think yesterday I had the two Mixcraft 9 channels setup like this:
channel 1 Acoustic piano - set to USB midi and also loopbe1. midi channel1 selected - USB midi for using my external Triton keyboard
-note: I may have tried this also with just USB midi selected, dont remember, I was trying everything yesterday.
channel 2 external instr loopbe1- also set to midi channel1 -- had the midi data box checked and unchecked.

Got to be something simple I am not setting up or overlooking.

thanks for your reply Greg,

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Re: Can I do this MIDI-special routing-Mixcraft pro 9

Post by dathyr1 » Fri Jan 31, 2020 7:03 pm


Got it to work. Not sure if it is the right or only way to do it. Note: Chordie chord display app seems to work on all channels

track 1 - setup for external loopbe1 - have both loopbe1 and akai25 keyboard selected to midi channel 2
track 2 - setup for akai25 USB keyboard only and is playing selected acoustic piano on track - also set to midi channel 2

Thing is to make this configuration work is I had to "ARM" both tracks.
I then bring up the Chordie chord display app and has midi in is set to loopbe1.

Both tracks now work. track 1 sends out data through loopbe1 to Chordie which displays the chords/notes, and track 2 plays the Acoustic piano selected via my Akai25 keyboard.
I had to make sure when setting up the External loopbe1 track that I selected channel 2 before turning on Send-Receive midi check box. otherwise it causes feedback and then mutes the loopbe1 app.

take care,

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