List of issues

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List of issues

Post by Savannahrenovations » Mon Apr 13, 2020 1:29 pm

Mixcraft was my first and only DAW. I really liked it. Very intuitive for beginners! Late to the game at 50 years old I got Mixcraft 8 PRO in 2017. Just like any relationship, over the years a list of issues starts to grow, to the point of wondering if the grass is greener on the other side. I do not really expect to get any resolution to any of the problems as I have asked some of them in the past. Anyway, if anyone can help with any of these, let me know!

1. East West (PLAY) VST3 in mixdown will loose all articulations. Switching to x64 version does work!
2. East West (PLAY) choirs is somewhat unstable, especially with the word-builder option. On occasion the choir will get note "locked on" where the notes will play forever
3. Izotope Iris2 synth will play, but if a track is recorded it basically locks up mixcraft. all visuals (faders, etc) are stuttered.
4. AIR Synths are unstable (the effects are fine) and can lock me out of a project if they are saved into a project and closed. Will not reopen...crashes Mixcraft
5 Arturia V collection: the synths work but the knobs, pedals, and faders (etc) do not show my input from my controller. In other words, if I map to say the cutoff...when I turn the knob it does not show on the UI of the instrument (it does work though). Kind of a big deal when doing adjustments on the fly and having the desire to return to the original state.
6. Roland Cloud: Several instruments will not "sync to host". A huge deal for say the 303, 808, 909. Makes those unusable.
7. Softube Tape: Well, it simply does not work. If you install it in the master for example it kills all audio until the plugin is removed. I am thinking this also is a "sync to host" issue
8. Soundspot Nebula: Cheesy multi-fx...but some cool stuff can come from it. Again does not "sync to host" and the LFO does not work
9. WA Production Dodge Pro: Cheesy ducking tool, but it does have some use. Again, Again, does not "sync to host"

Just a few of the issues off the top of my head (I am sure there are more). Out of sheer curiosity, I downloaded another DAW. Guess what? all those issues went away in a different (free) DAW. I am not here to bash Mixcraft, I really want it to work. I hoped that with the upgrade to 9 that some of them would have been fixed. I also understand, that there are so many 3rd party plugin companies that there are bound to be issues! However, Izotope, Arturia, EWQL, Roland, and even Softube are ones that I would test as a developer.

Again, if anyone can help...I am all ears! Or is it eyes?

Oh, my setup:

Focusrite 2i2 interface
i7-8700k CPU @3.7GHZ, 6 Cores/// 64GB of RAM///1.5tb All SSD hard drives
7" PreSonus studio monitors
Nectar Impact LX88+
Other stuff...

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Re: List of issues

Post by Acoustica Greg » Mon Apr 13, 2020 1:48 pm


Get the problem you're most concerned about to happen again, then quit Mixcraft and send us your mixcraft-log.txt file.

To find the mixcraft-log file, highlight the following line and press Ctrl+C to copy it:

Code: Select all

Press the Windows Key+R to pop up the Run box in Windows. Click in the Run box and press Ctrl+V to paste in the line from above. Finally, click OK to go to the location of the mixcraft-log.txt file. Submit an Acoustica Support Request and attach the log file along with a brief description of the problem.

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