Anyone had MIdi Connectivity issues with VST?

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Anyone had MIdi Connectivity issues with VST?

Post by jumbodude » Fri May 15, 2020 2:23 am

I have started to us a VST called Chord Prism and I am having Midi issues in Mixcraft 7 and 8 Pro Studio which I do not experience when using the same in Ableton Live 9. The software program has been programmed to make midi change messages in response to pressing some notes on the midi keyboard ( input keyboard) ,these are specifically the black notes on a traditional keyboard. These are not supposed or intended to send output messages to a vst instrument or synth but instead only make program changes in the software. This works fine in Ableton Live 9 but will not work properly in Mixcraft 7 nor Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio. Instead you can hear the sharp notes being played and triggered and played by the instrument coming after the VST Software program. This is not supposed to happen. Also many notes are getting stuck all the time as well especially , well in fact exclusively, the black notes ( sharp notes on keyboard) which are getting stuck.

There is also another issue occurring when I play through the VST with a midi clip. It is always late starting and there is a noticeable delay cutting the starting note short if it occurs on beat 1 of a midi clip. However if the clip lopps there is no issues and it plays correctly on second time.

Anyone had any other midi connectivity issues with Mixcraft.? the issue is not specific to one midi keyboard either I have used another keyboard and still have the same issues so it appears to be program based.

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Re: Anyone had MIdi Connectivity issues with VST?

Post by Acoustica Greg » Fri May 15, 2020 5:04 pm


I replied to your email.

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