Video/audio sync is off.

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Video/audio sync is off.

Post by Montanaokie » Wed Dec 30, 2020 9:57 am

Whenever I Add a video file with an audio track to Mixcraft 8, the audio track is out of sync with the video track by a noticeable amount. The first thing I have to do on any of my projects is unlink the video and audio track and adjust the sync a little bit. This is annoying and time consuming. I can't just line up claps or slats. I have to watch the video and determine if the sound is ahead or behind the video (it's usually ahead), then make multiple attempts at grabbing the audio track and moving it in very small increments until I have a good sync. I'm flipping between Snap on/off, expanding the view so I can see the smallest amount of movement, Undo and Redo last action, etc. It's not like lining up two audio tracks with clap tones... I record and edit bluegrass guitar, playing tunes in 16th notes and up close video of my hands. By the time I get things sync'd up I'm irritated. I have to sync the camera's audio before I can start recording so I can dub my backing tracks to the original audio.

I'm not sure if the original recorded file is out-of-sync to begin with, but I can sure see it as soon as I play it back on Mixcraft.

Any thoughts? I once had someone say "there must be different CODECS", but that still didn't help me with all the manual syncing I have to do.

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Re: Video/audio sync is off.

Post by Acoustica Greg » Wed Jan 06, 2021 4:31 pm


It's out of sync the moment you import it? Even before you unlink the video?

Is it out of sync if you watch it in Windows Media Player or some other program?

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