You should check these to see if a skateboard is good or not

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You should check these to see if a skateboard is good or not

Post by christellehahn » Tue Jan 12, 2021 11:08 pm

Skateboarding is an exciting and thrilling sport. It attracts a lot of participants every year. Skateboard services and skateboard companies sprouted up like mushrooms. There are cheap skateboards, and there are also trusted brand names. So, how to know if a cheaper skateboard you found is a good skateboard or not?

Well, besides researching some information from suppliers and having a chat with the board shop clerk, you need to consider how serious you are with skateboarding. For example, if you just consider skateboarding to be a hobby or you are finding out if you are suitable for playing this sport, a cheap skateboard is enough for you. If you want to have the best starting experience or want to be a professional skateboarder in the long run, then choose the best complete skateboards or skateboards for pro.

You will know whether a skateboard is good or not through physical tests, for example you can use your hand to feel and your eyes to see if there are any cracks or unusual things. Here are the things you should keep in mind when checking each part of your skateboard before buying.


Trucks are one of the parts that withstand your whole weight so it should be sturdy and made of metal. But not all metals are suitable, it should be metal that is both light and strong. Heavy metal will make your board heavier and it makes it difficult for you to do tricks. What you need to check on trucks:

Brand name: Quality skis often have brand name stamped into them. Junk trucks will not have brand name or fake brand name. Be sure to check whether the brand name is real or not. You can look up brand information online.

Rubber bushings: These are placed inside the trucks, making sure it is made of rubber, not plastic.

Try standing on the board and lean toe side and heel side, if correct, the skateboard will only flex a little.

The deck is the next thing you need to check. However, this part is quite difficult to check with the naked eye. You can rely solely on information provided by the manufacturer or from information printed on the package to choose the best skateboard decks. You need to pay attention to "Plys" info. This is the number of strips of wood pressed together to form a skateboard deck. A standard skateboard has 7 plys of Maple. 7-ply decks are light, flexible but weak. 9-plys decks are heavier but more flexible. SkateAdvisors can help you pick the most suitable skateboard to have the best skateboarding experience.

The wheels play an important role in your riding experience. Standard wheels are made of urethane, not plastic or rubber. Rubber wheels rip apart easily while plastic wheels don’t grip the ground well. Pay attention to the wheels because it is one of the parts that decide the quality of your ride.

Check the bearings based on the ABEC rating. ABEC 9 bearings are the best because they spin nice and fast, precise, delicate but not for skateboards, because the jarring and slamming motions of skateboarding will cause the bearings to wear more quickly. For skateboarding, ABEC 5 bearings are the best, anything that is lower or higher than this is not good.

Grip tape is the one you need to worry about least as this one won't have much effect on your skateboarding experience. But you should still need to check them. It is not necessary to choose fancy graphics, instead make sure the grip tape has a good grip on your shoes. Stay away from anything that causes you to slip from the board.

Consider the price of the skateboard, too. It is also a factor that determines the quality of the board. You are looking to buy a cheap skateboard but don't buy anything under 30 dollars, it's just trash. Any skateboard under $ 50 will give you a bad experience, and they'll either break down soon or you'll have to change parts.

These are all things you need to check before you buy a skateboard. Please read it again and follow this guide. You can read more good articles on the SkaAdvisors website. Follow SkateAdvisors on:
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Re: MPC recommendations?

Post by Rolling Estonian » Wed Jan 13, 2021 7:35 am

I have an Akai LPD-8, smaller unit with 8 pads and 8 knobs. I'm just a hobbyist so the pads are great to use for initial drum ideas on EZD2 and I use the extra 8 knobs for vst or whatever else I may need a knob for. I've had no issues with setup or use, nice little unit.


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