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EZ-Recording of Midi Generating Vst Output

Posted: Tue Jun 01, 2021 7:46 pm
by Kadar
Ripchord is a free midi chord generating plugin that has a built-in midi recorder to record its chord output, and allow dragging and dropping the recorded midi data anywhere in a Mixcraft Instrument track. It turns out that if you do not load a Ripchord chord definition preset, the plugin is a passive midi pass-through plugin, BUT it's recorder still works. This means that Ripchord can be used to record the midi output of any other midi generating plugin and then drag and drop the recorded midi data into a Mixcraft Instrument track as well!

Ripchord is a 64-bit Vst3 plugin so I think that means Mixcraft 9 64-bit is required. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Ripchord is available here:

It only requires 1 track to make the recording:
1. Change the instrument of a default Instrument track to the midi generator plugin of your choice.
2. In the Details Section (bottom section) select Ripchord as the next synth in the chain.
3. Select a sound generating synth as the last synth in the chain.
4. Trigger your midi generating synth with a midi keyboard, midi clip, or just starting it in it's GUI. You should hear the midi generator being played in the sound synth.
5. When you want to record, arm Ripchord with it's record button at the far left of it's GUI, it will turn red.
6. Trigger your midi generator and you should see the Recorded Midi data icon at the far right of Ripchord's GUI turn red indicating recorded midi data.
7. At the end of the recording disarm Ripchord for recording by pressing it's record button, it will turn not red.
8. Drag from the red Recorded Midi icon to any Instrument track and drop it.
9.If you want to make another recording, rearming Ripchord clears the previous recording.

That took much longer to explain than actually do! Good Luck!