Selecting VST Effects in Beatcraft

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Selecting VST Effects in Beatcraft

Post by neilpaddock » Sun May 13, 2012 11:40 pm


I found out earlier I could add effects to Beatcraft - very cool.

Only thing is, it only seems to add a few and not others.

The scan of my VST folders reveals I have access to Acoustica Effects, Cakewalk Direct FX and some T-RACKS VSTs only

I see there is an option which appears to add additional folders where VSTs are found - I did a scan and removed a load of irrelevant folders

Do I have to add each of these manally to get the additional effects to show up?

It looks like the .dll has to be immediately below the VSTPlugins folder to be selectable - is that right? I just moved Ambience.dll into c:\program files\steinberg\vstplugins and it now shows up, so that appears to be the case.

That's a problem if you put your plugins under separate sub-folders (like I do) underneath the VSTplugins folder, as they do not show up to be selected from the effects menu.

An enhancement for the next version, perhaps?



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Re: Selecting VST Effects in Beatcraft

Post by Acoustica Eric » Sat May 19, 2012 2:07 pm

Yes I think I remember another post about this, a user had to add each folder. Sorry about that, we'll keep it in mind if Beatcraft gets an update.

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