SIA 1.1b18 fails miserably in LP Automatic Track Detection

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SIA 1.1b18 fails miserably in LP Automatic Track Detection

Post by pcarey » Fri Apr 28, 2006 7:26 am

I downloaded Spin It again 1.1b18 for a trial. It looked like the program I've been waiting for, but I find that it fails miserably on my system in the area of automatic track detection for LP's! For example, on one album with 12 selections, SIA detects anywhere from 10 to 14 tracks depending on the settings, rather than the proper 12. At the default settings, the end of some selections were put on the next track and some selections were spread over 3 tracks. Fiddling with the settings or trying to manually adjust the track splits for each album is way too tedious and time-consuming for all the vinyls I'd like to convert to CD. As it is, I wasted four hours of my life yesterday trying to make this program work as advertised.

I'd like to make a suggestion. If the user had a way of inputting the expected number of tracks (one track per album selection, right?) and the published length of each selection in minutes and seconds (usually available from the album jacket), SIA should be able to use this data to make much better initial track length choices. If not perfect, this method should at least result in minimal adjustment for the final result.


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Post by JamesS » Fri Apr 28, 2006 2:04 pm

I'm just a user, not a member of the Acoustica folks but I've been using SIA for a while and Groove Mechanic for years before SIA was developed. Certainly SIA isn't perfect in track detection but it does a world better than Groove Mechanic. And I find correcting the errors in SIA to be much easier than GM.

Can you recommend a vinyl transfer program that does a better job at automatic track detection?

I haven't had a chance to try the new build 19 yet. I can't even find a list of the changes, but that's probably me. Maybe there has been an improvement.

Like any new (to the user) software there is a learning curve. The more I use SIA, the more I like it. It takes some time, generally a lot more than four "wasted" hours, to become proficient with something as complex as vinyl to CD transfer. SIA seems to do a good job and is about as simple as one might expect. Sure, I'd like a bunch of new features, but SIA works pretty well with a little user input.
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Post by Acoustica Greg » Fri Apr 28, 2006 2:42 pm


Spin It Again tries to determine tracks based on "silence." If your recording is noisy, or if it's a live performance album with applause between each track, the program will have a hard time determining where one track ends and the next begins. If we had a feature where you could input track times, it could still be off due to variations in playback speed and uncertainty about the moment you dropped the needle on the LP and pressed record. You'd still have to go in and manually adjust things.

Besides, would it be that much less tedious to type in track times rather than right-clicking to set the track markers?

If the recording isn't very noisy and there is silence between tracks, make sure you've got your levels adjusted properly. Having the recording volume too high can cause distortion noise. If you're recording through a microphone jack, try switching to the line in jack.


P.S. Build 19 includes a recording time counter, so you can use that to help determine where you are in the recording. Build 19 is now available on the beta page.

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