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transfer files to Windows Media Player

Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:59 pm
by electra225
This topic may have already been discussed, but I missed it. I want to transfer and store my files from SIA to Windows Media Player and use WMP to burn the CD. I am using a fairly new Windows 7 64 bit computer with 8 gb of RAM and a 1 TB hard drive. Am I on the right track, here? Thanks........GREG


Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2011 6:43 am
by Acoustica Eric
Windows media player doesn't actually contain any music files, it just looks around your hard drive and plays what it finds. So yes you can play the music you create with SIA on WMP. Have WMP scan for music and it should find them. Or you can simply use the "open" function in WMP and open a song directly.

Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2011 1:35 pm
by Don Hall
I would use the funtion 'Play All' if you are digitizing albums.


Posted: Thu Jun 16, 2011 8:42 pm
by electra225
Thanks for your reply. Actually, I used the wrong terminology. I should have asked if I could transfer music files from SIA to MY MUSIC file on Windows and then play it on Media Player and/or make my CD's from WMP. If I understood your reply correctly, I can. Please advise if I mis-understood.............GREG


Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2011 8:04 am
by Acoustica Eric
When you have SIA create audio files, it automatically puts them in your "My Music" folder. FYI: No matter what folder a music file is in on your computers hard drive, any player such as WMP can still play it.