Why my track stops every after 30secs and also saves just..?

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Why my track stops every after 30secs and also saves just..?

Post by sMatis » Sat Apr 29, 2006 8:33 am

When I'm cuting some tracks from long music sets/mixes and trying to preview it the music stops playing after every 30 seconds ...
When I save my file to mp3 I get only a 30 seconds of my track ... but its is for example 7 minutes ...
Also when converting other wav files to mp3 ... the same problem ... just first 30 seconds saved ... :/

Sorry for my English ...

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Acoustica Greg
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Post by Acoustica Greg » Mon May 01, 2006 9:37 am


In Mp3 Audio Mixer, click on the File menu and select Preferences. On the Playback tab, click on the Playback Device setting and choose the driver for your sound card. Do not choose "Default Sound Device" or any other option aside from your specific sound card's driver.

There's a program called "Total Recorder" that causes this problem by installing its own driver as the default Windows sound driver.


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Post by davidthamson » Mon Oct 23, 2006 3:08 am

sorry smatis,
i didn't understand ur problem...,repeat it..

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Post by Uperis » Sat Nov 11, 2006 1:56 am

I've the same problem like sMatis and it doesn't fix after changing Playback Device setting. And I've never had Total Recored in my PC so I don't understand why I'm having this problem. Could you help me?

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Acoustica Eric
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Post by Acoustica Eric » Sat Nov 11, 2006 2:11 pm

Have you tried raising the number of buffers and the buffer size within preferences?

Also, try the same project in Mixcraft and see if it works out better.

Download Mixcraft here http://www.acoustica.com/downloading.asp?p=16

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