I got an issue...

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I got an issue...

Post by VersatileChild » Thu May 18, 2006 7:41 pm


I've been using Acostica's mp3 mixer for three years now and its awesome...but I have run into an issue I never had before. I have created a mix, but it seems that once I start playing back from the beginning one mix in particular (about halfway through, 29 mins into it) one track falls about a half-second behind from the other track. The thing is, I know I have it beatmatched perfectly....and if I play it back from about 10 seconds before this particular mix starts, it sounds fine. But when I replay the whole thing from the start (and after recording it onto the CD) it just trainwrecks. So what's the story?

Also from time to time when I add a sound, the whole program freezes up...not good if I forgot to save and just worked on the mixes for an hour. What gives?

NOTE TO EVERYONE: make sure after you add a sound and mix it in...SAVE!


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Post by Acoustica Greg » Fri May 19, 2006 3:44 pm


Try zooming all the way out and then playing it. Does that make any difference?

You can also try adjusting the playback buffers. In MP3 Audio Mixer, click on the file menu, select Preferences, and in the Playback preferences, try doubling the number of buffers and the buffer size. While you're in there, make sure the correct playback device is selected.

In regard to the freeze-ups, make sure you've got the latest updated drivers for your soundcard. If you don't have version 2.471b, get it here.

You might also consider upgrading to Mixcraft (it costs $24.95).


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