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Uninstall Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer

Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2020 4:30 am
by Ivec
Hello, please could you help me?
I have instal mp3-audio-mixer-2-471-2.exe on my work PC. I don´t install it on C:\Program Files (x86), but on disk D:\.... I must unistall it, because it´s work PC. By uninstaling is writing: "Could not open INSTALL.LOG file". I cut the INSTALL.LOG file and paste it on Desktop and try it again. It work, but on the disk D still stay the folder Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer with UNWISE.EXE file. This I see not as problem and delete the folder. But when I go to the programs in PC a still se the program Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer there. I try to uninstall it from programs, but then write that folder on D:\.... dosen´t exist. I try also restart the PC, but is still in programs folder. Now I install it against. When I try uninstall it from programs via Ad or remove Programs it write again "Could not open INSTALL.LOG file".
It is possible to uninstall the program via Ad or remove Programs?

Re: Uninstall Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer

Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2020 7:10 am
by Acoustica Greg

Move the install.log file outside of MP3 Audio Mixer's folder, then try uninstalling it from Windows settings. It will ask where the install.log file is, and you can browse to it's new location.