Kontakt standalone rewired to MC8? (or other workaround)

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Kontakt standalone rewired to MC8? (or other workaround)

Post by lingyai » Fri Jun 22, 2018 11:56 am

Hi all. The VST version of my (legal) copy of Kontakt is 5.5.1, which is the last version before all kinds of problems etc started to set in with Kontakt, including the requirement to use the quite buggy Native Access app.

Long story short, I won't be upgrading that (and don't want to discuss that choice here; please accept that, for various reasons, it's a given).

I do, however, use Kontakt standalone version 5.5.2 (another long story). There is a library I want which requires v5.5.2. So I could use it standalone, but I'd like to integrate it into a MC project. Is there any way I can rewire my standalone Kontakt into MC8?

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Re: Kontakt standalone rewired to MC8? (or other workaround)

Post by chibear » Fri Jun 22, 2018 12:31 pm

Not at my DAW right now, but pretty sure I'm using 5.5.2 in Mixcraft 8 without incident. Like you, don't want to upgrade beyond that. Later I'll post the actual build. Can't answer the rewire question, though.

Edit: 5.5.1451
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Re: Kontakt standalone rewired to MC8? (or other workaround)

Post by Acoustica Greg » Fri Jun 22, 2018 1:35 pm


If standalone Kontakt is a Rewire application, it would show up when you clicked on the the Mix menu and selected Add Rewire Application. You'd have to match the bit depth of the two programs. In other words, if you're using 64-bit standalone Kontakt, you'd have to use 64-bit Mixcraft. Any audio produced by Kontakt would show up in a Rewire track within Mixcraft.

But as chibear points out, Kontakt should work fine with Mixcraft, so the other option would be to figure out what the deal is with that.

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