Slowdown on opening multiple copies of a plugin (Neutron 2)

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Slowdown on opening multiple copies of a plugin (Neutron 2)

Post by Scoobyben » Mon Jul 01, 2019 2:27 pm

I've experienced this for a while now, and wondered if it was worth reaching out to see if anyone else has noticed similar with the same / different plugins.

I Use Izotope's Neutron 2 a lot, and in many mixes will use it on most tracks in the project. However, the more versions of the plugin I open, the slower Mixcraft gets. It tends to be ok for audio, but the video / responsiveness gradually winds down to a halt.

I don't *keep* the instances of Neutron open - I'll never have more than one, occasionally two, on screen at once. When I restart Mixcraft, all is well - so Mixcraft is clearly not struggling to apply the processing. I would suspect a memory leak in the plugin, but my CPU usage doesn't spike. It feels like Mixcraft is still working to render the UI of hidden plugins.

Has anyone else seen the same thing - either with Neutron, or any other visually demanding / UX heavy plugins?

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Re: Slowdown on opening multiple copies of a plugin (Neutron 2)

Post by comedians » Tue Jul 02, 2019 2:26 pm


Neutron 2 is slow to load, uses lots of resources and with a lot of instances you need a top notch PC to cope with it.

Means spending money but in Neutron 3 the resources have really been reduced, publicity says it loads 3 times faster, uses half the memory and up to a third of the CPU compared to Neutron 2, it does load remarkably quick.

I have to say it is also a delight to use, the new interface is uncluttered, clean and very simple to use.

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