Indiginus' Amadeus

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Indiginus' Amadeus

Post by UilleannB » Mon Dec 23, 2019 3:35 am

A lot of plugin recommendations here are free or very cheap, but it doesn't say this form should be limited to that. I am just giving a recommendation, because to me this is an incredible useful vst plugin: Amadeus from Indiginus:
Some might know the company, there are generally producing plugins very easy to use, good sounding and relatively cheap (compared to other companies).

Amadeus is a remake of Solid State Symphony with real orchestral samples. They currently have a Christmas sale, but it is still 119 Dollar and their most expensive libraries. (It get's cheaper if you buy it together with Sonic Score's Overture 5 notation program, but most may not need this.)

The basic concept is, that you have a full orchestra at the same time that dynamically reacts to velocity and can be programmed depending on your needs to different sounds (you want stronger brass sound or put more emphasis on the choir for a chorale, put your orchestra together as you need it). It is different from Sonuscore's The Orchestra, which focuses more on autmated ostinatos though, as this is focused more on the tune.

I find it very useful if you compose classical tunes to get a general vision of possible orchestrations right from the beginning. You basically just chose a preset (strings, brass, choral, dynamic orchestra etc.), play the tune, and you already get an orchestration that gives you an idea how the full arranged score could sound. This way you can avoid the drop in motivation you might know when you first have to arrange a lot of tracks before your songs begins sounding nice.

I'm not related to them, I am just really happy with this plugin, and if you compose similar stuff you might want to check it out.

Merry Christmas!

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Re: Indiginus' Amadeus

Post by Fireplayer » Sat Feb 29, 2020 4:55 pm

Please get your facts correct before posting.

Amadeus is not from Indiginus as the Library was created by Sonic Scores over a period of three years.
Tracy from Indiginus took over the Kontakt scripting one year into the project.
In the last two months of development, the Symphony patch was added to the library.

Amadeus is a full symphonic orchestra library, not a derivative of Solid State Symphony.

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