Final Mix Tip – Don’t Watch The Screen!

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Final Mix Tip – Don’t Watch The Screen!

Post by trevlyns » Wed Jun 08, 2022 5:22 am

I discovered something quite by accident that I’d like to share with my fellow ‘Home Producers’

I’ve been involved in bands and music since the late ‘50’s and full time recording (producing my own stuff) since I retired in 2011. I can pretty much claim that I know what an instrument, FX or mix should sound like.

So here’s a tip for the final mixing stage. On my latest project, I have all instruments and vocals down and have spent a couple of days tweaking and adjusting things. Sounds good; or so I thought. So after an overnight break, I came back, put on my ‘good’ headphones, hit play and turned away from my computer and screen.

I was amazed at what I heard! From the outset, I could pick up volume and tone differences; those toms were too loud, that gentle reverb I put on the piano to make it silky was totally awash and drowned out by the strings in certain sections…

So I did the exercise again with a notepad and pen, jotting down changes to be made. What a difference. :D

My theory is that by looking at the tracks and automation etc, as well as trying to listen objectively, we lose something. It's multitasking, and I'm no good at it at all. :(
Close your eyes or look away and concentrate solely on what you are hearing.

This old dog certainly learned a new trick 8)
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Re: Final Mix Tip – Don’t Watch The Screen!

Post by outteh » Wed Jun 08, 2022 7:34 am

Great advice! :D :D :D :D :D

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Re: Final Mix Tip – Don’t Watch The Screen!

Post by jules_alex » Sat Oct 08, 2022 8:01 am

I've always been really suspicious of visual information getting in the way of listening . I'm a saxophone player and occasionally teacher- the number of beginners who stare obsessively at the needle of their electronic tuners, panicking that they can't play in tune. Then get them to close their eyes and play in tune to piano notes and- no problem
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