Audio dropping out

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Audio dropping out

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Hello! I am using Spin it Again v2.5 b46 on Windows 10 Home. I have not updated or changed anything - this laptop is dedicated to this purpose and has been for several years. Input is from an R2R tape deck with line out running into the audio input of the laptop audio card. The issue is that when I'm recording (which does not exceed five minutes per recording), it goes from sounding perfect to having serious "drop out" issues - can't hear all frequencies and when listening to someone talking, it is difficult to understand what they are saying. It is "all or nothing" - not a gradual change. If I stop the tape and restart, while Spin it Again is still recording, the audio comes back but fades out again soon after. It is not 100% consistent; if I do the same thing multiple times in a row it will at least fade at different times and sometimes will work fine. I did monitor the headphone jack of the R2R while this is occurring and the output of the tape deck is not changing. Ideas?
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Re: Audio dropping out

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Go into Spin It Again's Audio settings and try doubling the buffer size an number of buffer settings.

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