sync ALL audio clips/Wave files, to the Same tempo

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sync ALL audio clips/Wave files, to the Same tempo

Post by baybiegurl »

Hi, i am very knowledgeable about virtual instrument tracks. i have mixed this way for many years. but i want to try something new for me. Wave files, and audio clips that i have downloaded from websites that offer music samples.
i have never created a whole entire song with Just sound wave files before. only virtual instruments.

My Question is, how can i make sure that all 10 of my wave sound clips all flow at the same tempo?
I have each wave file on a separate track so that each can be controlled individually.
I have my project tempo set to 115, and when i click on the audio files individually and select adjust to project tempo, they still are out of sync. after i selected adjust to project tempo, i even Manually typed in the tempo 115, for each individual wave file.

This is why i do not work with wave and audio files and prefer working with virtual instruments. but i want to be able to use audio sample packs and loop packs from off these websites. i know how to chop them up… thats the fun part, but my problem is every audio sample i download from online, is at a different tempo,
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Re: sync ALL audio clips/Wave files, to the Same tempo

Post by TrevsAudio »

Just hit Ctrl + A That will select all clips in your project.

Then go to the sound tab and click 'Use Project Tempo'.

All done! :D
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Re: sync ALL audio clips/Wave files, to the Same tempo

Post by jwarv »

Sometimes with 3rd party audio it doesn't translate correctly because the original is not properly looped. I've tried to adjust it according to the project tempo and it's still out of sync. In some cases, I go into SOUND tab and I've switched it to Time Stretch and that worked. Other times I've had to adjust the original clip tempo arrows or adjust the speed to 1x or 2x. Lastly, I've used the warping tool and quantized it. Granted, this is a rare problem, but if it's worth keeping in your project there are workarounds.
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