Better quality + Budget = ???

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Better quality + Budget = ???

Post by prodezigner » Mon Apr 16, 2007 11:52 pm

I'm testing out Mixcraft before buying it (it's amazing, I've use SONAR, Cool Edit Pro (Audition), ACID XPress, Cubase SE, Pro Tools LE, Audacity (for the price you can't beat it...) but this program is AMAZING...

My desktop runs it good and my laptop does too, my laptop sporting Windows Vista and my desktop sporting XP Pro, so it's not all that bad.

Anyways... which would I get better sound quality from:

1) LightSnake - Custom USB cable with a 1/4" plug on one end, USB on the other, plug-and-play.

2) El cheapo mixing board - Run it through the Mic. port on my laptop...

I've got PCMCIA, Firewire, USB, almost all popular socket types, I just need something to balance everything out. I'm just jamming with friends right now, so I don't think dumping a boatload into it would be wise...

My current setup is this:

1/4" Mono Male to 1/4" Mono Female -> 1/4" Mono Male to Female Audio L/R (RCA plugs) -> Female Audio L/R to 1/8" Stereo Male.

And I can record stereo on just about anything, total cost was about $20.00.

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Post by Acoustica Eric » Sun Apr 22, 2007 9:40 am

Normally I would push for the el cheapo board, but NOT into the mic jack. Those are only meant for Microphones that put out a very small signal. If you run a bearb to it, it may damage your sound card.

Sooo, the USB thing is just about the best way to go for lap tops.

As far as quality, I do not think there would be any difference.

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