Sharing Patterns, How to...

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Diane Webb
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Sharing Patterns, How to...

Post by Diane Webb » Tue Jul 07, 2015 4:32 pm

Hi, I purchase my license of Acoustica Beatcraft recently and I'm very happy I did, I purchase it asking my brother to pay with his credit card because I don't have one, I thought that the kit and libraries are enough for starting and I'm very pleased with the results specially because I like to use the rendered project output in my composition, I use Audition V 3.0
for that purpose, I read that if any forum member have patterns to share with the community they are welcome, I start studying drums using the Bob Burgett double drum pdf course, and I feel just amazed with this guy works, I have the following wish, in the pattern editor "to have the option to insert a pattern" instead of adding at the end of the list, this option could be powerful.
Another problem is that I defaulted to save my projects to the "Projects folder" but if I open the explorer only the "Example" project supplied with the system can be seen, I already check in the folder properties to "Show hidden files", but I can't see them, the same happen when I render a project to a WAV file to include it in my DAW as a drum track, in this way I can't use the final file in the DAW project, I use the trick to record a new track in Audition V 3.0 and at the same time playing the file in Beatcraft, I guess this is not the original purpose for the render function.
I'm very pleased with the trick result in my DAW, but I prefer to have the Drum Lines WAVed, I use Windows 7, 64 bits system 4GB and 500GB disk INTEL i3 processor.
I need to know if I'm doing something wrong when I render the final track, because Beatcraft tell me that the WAVE file already exist if I render the track for a second time, to make this software a "Master piece", I should be allowed to access my final rendered WAVE final and carry it wherever I need, thanks.
Can anyone tell how can I share patterns with the community...? I think soon I'm going to have plenty of them.

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Acoustica Eric
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Re: Sharing Patterns, How to...

Post by Acoustica Eric » Sun Nov 15, 2015 12:09 pm

The software is saving the project files. If you cannot find them then it's a problem with you being able to navigate the hard drive, not with Beatcraft. Are you sure of where you are telling beatcraft to save the project files? They are not necessarily in the example projects folder.

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