New Monitor - No Sound + question on resolution

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New Monitor - No Sound + question on resolution

Post by Freerskier » Tue Apr 23, 2019 1:54 pm

1) Just got a wizzy new HDMI equipped Samsung TV. So, full of anticipation, I unplugged the old DVI equipped LCD from the vid card and connected the Samsung to the HDMI on the video card.

Powered Mixcraft up - my excitement mounting - and loaded up an existing song. Daaaaaaamnnnn!!! - No sound from the monitors attached to my soundcard. Mixcraft is playing back the song with the level meters pumping away but no audio. Also, I can arm a new VI track and again, Mixcraft registers the midi input via the meters but no sound from my monitors. As per above, no audio can be recorded to a new audio track. I'm guessing here that windows has done a "OH, you plugged something in we'll change some settings FOR YOU" kind of trick???

2) Screen resolution etc - With the the bigger better screen it still looks as though mixcraft only displays the same number of tracks as my squatter old screen. Each track now is just wider on the screen even though the resolution is at the finest available for the monitor in windows 1080 x 1920? I really thought with a biggggggger display id be able to "See" more.

As ever, superior wisdom from the Mixcraft diaspora greatly appreciated.

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Re: New Monitor - No Sound + question on resolution

Post by Rolling Estonian » Tue Apr 23, 2019 5:03 pm

TV's aren't designed for monitor use, you can get your settings to work, it still won't be too good. When you have HDMI going from PC to TV, the audio will be channelled there by default, I think, and as you see, not optimal. You're better off with the LCD until you can get a better monitor or do 2 screens, they're cheap these days.


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Re: New Monitor - No Sound + question on resolution

Post by Ian Craig » Wed Apr 24, 2019 6:44 pm

All my monitors are TVs.
Firstly, make sure to set the output to your sound device in Mixcraft Preferences. as it is set there. If you have clicks and stuff when listening switch your system in the Taskbar to your sound device.
The problem with using a TV is that it only seems to display properly at multiples of 50% zoom and best at multiples of 100%. It may be possible to get higher resolutions with a UHD tv rather than an HD one. I haven't got one but presumably it would double the resolution (I don't know whether you could see the result though, as it might be tiny). ... If you have one and it doesn't have higher resolution, you may not have a high enough spec HDMI lead
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