Backup Mystery! SOLVED!

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Backup Mystery! SOLVED!

Post by trevlyns » Thu Jun 23, 2022 3:09 pm

Hey guys.

I started a project in 2020. I left it untouched until last month, then decided on a completely different arrangement. There was only a basic bass and guitar track down, with an MP3 of the song for reference. I cleared everything out of the backup folder and set to work on the new version.

Thing is the new version is saving, but NOT in the backup folder in the default project file. So I have no way to check earlier versions of my current project. The only thing in the path C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Mixcraft Projects\(my project) is the MX9 project file and the empty backup folder. There are no audio or instrument files, merges etc.

But wait! There's more! :D I also backup my C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Mixcraft Projects to a separate drive each day. That file only shows the old original files, deleted on the C drive.

Any idea where my backups could be hiding? :(

SOLVED! Take care folks...
I started the new project on a template which I created and did not 'save as' (the title of my new project) when I first started.
So everything was in the project named 'Template'. Copied and pasted it all over and all is good in The Little Yellow Studio now :lol:
Keep on trackin'

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